Add your offer

The suppliers themselves are responsible for their offer in the biodatabase.

You have to be registered before you can place your organic propagating material on the biodatabase. Suppliers who are not registered yet can do this by filling in the register form. (It is also possible to fill in this form by computer).

Listing offer and/or modifications in the offer: 
As soon as you are registered you can place your offer on the  biodatabase by filling in the modification form.

Changes in the offer you can communicate by using the modification form.
• Modification form for vegetable, fruit and agricultural crops
• Modification form for vegetative propagated material
We also need to be informed when a variety is temporarily not available. (Skal uses this information on the biodatabase to grant derogation).

The completed registration and/or modifcation form should be sent to:

Common Catalogue:
For crops which are included in the Common Catalogue  it is obligatory that the varieties are listed in the Common Catalogues of varieties of agricultural or vegetable species. Fruit varieties have to be included in Frumatis. If a variety is not yet listed, but in the process of listing,  we ask you to specify in which country your variety is tested and whether it has an authorization to be marketed before listing.