Commissioned by the Ministery of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Naktuinbouw keeps up the Biodatabase. Information about the biodatabase is provided by Bionext, Skal and Naktuinbouw. Information about the availability of the offer of organic propagating material is provided by the suppliers. All provided information is placed with utmost care by Naktuinbouw. Naktuinbouw is not liable for damages of any kind whatsoever, arising as a result of inaccuracy, incompleteness or unlawfulness of the content of the information offered.

Despite all effort that is taken to prevent abuse, Naktuinbouw cannot be held liable for any information sent via the internet by users of the Biodatabase.

Naktuinbouw is not liable for inaccessible of, or unavailability of the biodatabase and has the right to change the contents of this disclaimer without notice.